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Our approach for all our clients has always been about helping you solve a problem. We make your problems, our problems. We see your customers as our customers. This way, we become true partners in working towards your goal because the way we see it, your success is ours as well.

We’ve been in the multicultural communications business now for the past 20 years. We’ve seen how your customers have changed and continue to become more and more diverse. We can tell you that it isn’t just all about language. We see the deeper cultural insights that no one else does and we share that with you. As partners, our expertise becomes yours.

We’re located in Vancouver and Toronto, but we come from all over the world. Every person on our team can bring insights from China, India, Hong Kong or the Philippines to name a few. We see ourselves as the bridge between your brand and our ever-changing multicultural landscape. It’s a new way of going global and making it local.