With a host of brands flooding the market with engaging communications, the problem was to find a way to drive and nurture affinity within the Chinese segment for the TELUS brand, leading to consideration for our products in an authentic way.

The task at hand was to develop an integrated marketing communications campaign to drive consideration & conversions of our products while connecting with the Chinese segment during this important celebration.



With a view to find the right balance between the product offering and the cultural celebrations, while keeping the core target audience in mind, the strategy was to position Optik TV as ‘a product that delivers the best value because it has the content you want with great savings just for Lunar New Year.’

Building off the strategy, the approach proposed was built under three umbrellas, namely, Value, Content and Savings. In the end, conceptually and strategically, the route forward was based on Value due to its broader, but encompassing nature.

Special buy Print ads idea mockup


Driven by innovation, be it on traditional on digital platforms, the 360 degree campaign led to tremendous success for the business.