GGoogle Pixel 7 Pro is a phone that comes with real time translation feature. Messages on chat applications get translated in a language of your choice as soon as you receive them. We wanted to communicate this feature to the South Asian immigrant population in Canada – a population that prefers speaking in their native language, as indeed this could be a very lucrative proposition for them.


Our challenge

We wanted to communicate the feature of Google Pixel 7 Pro in a way that the South Asian immigrant population would immediately relate to and remember forever!

Our Answer

We chose the occasion of Diwali – the biggest festival of the year for Hindi/ Punjabi speaking Indian immigrant population. And then we chose to depict the most ubiquitous symbol of Diwali – the Rangoli – a graphic artwork that is created on the floors of Indian homes by hand, on the occasion of Diwali.

The ad showed a peacock proudly guarding the Rangoli it has made but as it sees some ducks coming towards it – it wants to ward them off but speaks English. Thanks to Google Pixel 7 Pro the message gets translated in real time i.e. just in time for ducks to change their course and the rangoli protected.

The video ran on South Asian OTT platforms and on YouTube garnering 2M impressions at a VTR of 88%.