Given the situation surrounding the pandemic, TELUS needed to demonstrate leadership as a brand that connects people to what matters most in a time when they need connection more than ever.

During the Covid-19 outbreak, TELUS had tasked the team to produce a series of videos specifically targeted to the multicultural segments to remind them to Stay Strong and Stay Grateful, while staying home and connected with their family and friends.



By aligning TELUS brand activities to what is happening to people during the various phases of the pandemic, we leveraged the opportunity to do things that will truly support people while building significant and invaluable brand equity that will endure long after the recovery.

Using the ‘Stay Connected’ platform, we engaged with the multicultural segments throughout the phases of the pandemic with empathetic and relevant brand communications connected to the particular moment in time. The user-generated content approach encouraged viewers to stay strong (mentally and physically) and communicated that human connections, although a little different, can keep us going.



High engagement rate 1.73%,
exceeding benchmarks (benchmark: 0.24%)

Stay Strong

Reach: 525,952
Impressions: 1,452,688
Post Engagement: 9158
Engagement rate: 1.75%
Views: 43,676

Stay Grateful

Reach: 355,008
Impressions: 2,197,792
Post Engagement: 6102
Engagement rate: 1.72%
Views: 173,256