The MC consumer is one that is value driven and is at all times looking for the best deals in the market. The flanker brands were perceived to be “affordable” as they had mobile plans which were budget friendly in comparison to TELUS/ Rogers which were considered to be “more premium” in their offering.

As the focus on Multicultural segments continued to grow in 2019, TELUS needed to be in market with a specific STIM period aimed at the South Asian community in celebration of this holiday. They needed to culturally connect with this segment with their communication aimed at promoting a device discount during this festive period. The overall objective was to capitalize on this period to increase awareness and drive conversions among this segment.



TELUS needed to capitalise on every opportunity to bridge this perception gap and increase the awareness and consideration scores amongst this audience by building brand affinity and displaying value.

Using the specific cultural insights and elements of the festival, we developed an emotional connect with the multicultural consumer and created a sense of belonging amongst the segment.