With almost every industry facing unprecedented challenges brought on by COVID-19. Toyota Canada, with support from 2 of its AORs -- The Showroom and Response Advertising, launched the Recovery Campaign, a Tier-2 effort to stimulate the interest of potential buyers amid an uncertain time.

However, given the many concerns and sensitivity surrounding the lockdown across Canada, each region faces various degrees of health and economic challenges. The campaign was curated to maximize Toyota’s share of the uncertain market and to help the dealership to be prepared for the reopening, to capture the pent-up demand.



Develop an integrated marketing campaign to reflect the unique situation for each region by:

  • Embracing and acting appropriately under the New Normal
  • Ramp up with stealth, signal-driven marketing
  • Tailor-fitted messages under one platform
  • Provide superior value to the client via Production and Process efficiency
  • Communicate that Toyota dealers are practicing social distancing and zero contact services as per the current Health Canada guidelines to help instill confidence in the mind of the consumers