Response is a one-stop-shop for advertising, market research, strategic planning, creative development, media planning and buying, media relations management, public and corporate relations, and events and sponsorships. Let Response take the mystery out of your multicultural communications.

Our services include, but are not limited to:

Consumer Research

Response works hand-in-hand with clients and their mainstream agencies to identify multicultural marketing opportunities, plan communication strategies, manage consumer research, analyze competitive media activity, and client program tracking.

We have spearheaded and directed several qualitative and quantitative multicultural consumer market studies in diverse categories for a broad range of clients such as TELUS, BC Hydro, M&M Meat Shops, Mr. Lube, Red Bull, National Defence of Canada and Western Union.

Depending on the project, we also work with third party research agencies such as Environics Canada, Ipsos-Reid and other leading research agencies.

Strategic Planning

Response Advertising has accumulated over 10 years of specialized knowledge about marketing and advertising to the multicultural segments in Canada.

We have access to various primary/secondary, syndicated/specific client commissioned research in the multicultural arena, much of which is personally designed and conducted by our team members. Census Canada’s reports provide great insight into the profiles of multicultural segments in Canada, which we closely study and monitor on an ongoing basis.

South Asian and Asian segments in Canada are diverse and complex, with many countries and numerous languages/dialects. We help our clients get the maximum returns on their communication dollars by investing in proprietary consumer research, highlighted in our study, “Sub-Segmentation of the South Asian and Asian Target in Canada.” Sub-segmenting enables focused target identification for better targeted marketing, resulting in more efficient and effective communication and more precise media and channel strategies.

Media Relations

Response is an industry leader in the planning and purchase of South Asian and Asian media in Canada.

With our strong media relations, significant cumulative media budgets and our team’s years of experience, we are able to offer our clients the very best negotiated media rates with maximum added value.

Creative Development

Response specializes in creating in-language and in-culture advertising to reach some of the most significant multicultural audiences in Canada (South Asian and Asian, including the Chinese, Filipino, Korean and Japanese consumer audiences).

In the last 10 years we have produced an impressive creative archive including several TV, radio, print, direct mail, out-of-home and various other non-traditional media executions. We have had the opportunity to develop strong partnerships with many blue chip clients spanning a wide range of product categories (including telecom, financial services, packaged goods/food, government/government agencies, provincial utilities and non-profit organizations).

Whether a client needs us to create a single stand-alone print ad, design a fully integrated multi-media campaign, adapt a mainstream campaign/creative or create an original campaign, our recommendations are always rooted in sound communication strategy and established brand values. Sometimes there is no need to translate or adapt a mainstream creative when it will work for multicultural audiences. Other times, the mainstream concept is more likely to be misunderstood or doesn’t translate. In such cases, there is a need to come up with another concept to effectively communicate with the multicultural audience. We advise our clients which approach to take to best reach target audience.

Event Planning

We work closely with the ethnic media and community event partners to provide consultation on identifying the best fit for our clients’ objectives and brand values. We also supervise the planning and execution of specific multicultural event partnerships/programs for our clients.

There is a strong concentration of Asian and South Asian Canadians in a relatively small subset of cities and local communities across Canada. With the emergence of India and China as two of the most important and fastest growing economies, interest in these ethnic communities connecting back to their ethnic cultures has become very strong. There are several high profile community and cultural events that provide ideal opportunities for marketers to connect with these audiences.

Public Relations

We can offer all essential PR services, including media relations, community positioning and consulting, crisis management, grassroots relations and event management.

Word of mouth is an extremely powerful tool when marketers are targeting Asian and South Asian audiences in Canada. Response has developed a world-class capability to achieve positive editorial endorsement for our clients’ products and services. We have developed a reputation for creating community buzz around our clients’ specific marketing programs among the key South Asian and Asian grassroots organizations.

Multi-Language Experts

Response has the capability to deliver the above solutions in several languages.

We’ll consult with you about your requirements and objectives, identify the key multicultural target segments and sub-segments, and recommend which language or mix of languages is the best solution for delivering the required messaging. Some of our languages of expertise include Punjabi, Hindi, English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Tagalog, Korean and Japanese.